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Private Label Skin Care Labs

Michigan based private label bath & body manufacturer formulates and creates products for salons and spas nationwide. A significant number of their clients are located outside of the country but want beauty products made in the United States.

Demand for private label organic products made in the US has grown as consumers are more savvy these days are wary of using products that may contain harmful ingredients or ingredients that are sourced in third world countries where sourcing laws are not as stringent as in the States.

Private label skin care labs’ manufacturing facility is FDA and USDA Certified Organic. Recently, they COSMOS Soil Certified which very few companies have. They create products that are safe to use and are environmentally friendly.

Some of the most popular bath and body products today are are body lotions, hair products such as sulfate free shampoos, leave in conditioners, hair styling wax and pomades, sunless tanning sprays, body butters and more.

They are also a nail polish private label manufacturer with access to almost 200,000 different nail polish shades.
Skin care products such as anti-aging creams, deep penetrating moisturizers, facial toners and cleansers are very popular. Private label lip balm products have grown in demand but can be seasonal in nature. Then, there are niche products such as beard oils that are very hot right now. Private label soaps deserve a mention as well.

Currently, there is a large demand for beeswax products. However, most such products that can be bought in the marketplace are not truly organic. Most beeswax ingredients come from China. Their sourcing cannot be verified and in most cases is presumed that they are not genuinely organic. Private label skin care labs can source truly organic beeswax ingredients.

If you would like to learn more about the products they can create for you or the services they offer head over to their website at www.PrivateLabelSkinCareLabs.com.