Got Pulled Over for Drinking & Driving. Now What?

Got Pulled Over in Detroit While Driving Intoxicated? You need the best DUI Detroit attorney.

It usually starts as a casual afternoon or evening with friends, relatives or a loved one. You’re having a good time and are sipping on your favorite drink over lunch, dinner or are watching a ball game.

You pace yourself responsibly knowing that you have to get behind the wheel in an hour or two. The last thing you want is to take chances. After all, the that would be a dumb thing to do. Your date with your pals
or your special friend comes to a close and you’re ready to hit the road. Feeling good you asses yourself and determine you’re not drunk and are in perfect shape to drive. You get in your car, put your seat-belt on
and start heading home. You make sure you’re paying extra close attention to the road and traffic signs. Perhaps, too much attention. The next thing you know is you get pulled over by the police.
Naturally, you’re nervous but you’re confident you’ll be on your way home in just a few minutes. You haven’t had too much to drink and you’ve paced yourself. You don’t feel intoxicated at all.
After the police officer administers a sobriety test and has you take a breathalyzer test he determines that your blood alcohol level is above the drinking limit according to the State of Michigan. Now, you’re
in the back of the police cruiser and you know you’re in trouble.
You have all kinds of thoughts going through your head. How could this have happened to you when you only had a few drinks. DUI laws in Michigan are very strict and it only takes a few drinks to put you over the limit.

Michigan DUI laws are some of the toughest in the nations and were put in place to save lives and protect against bodily injury. When they’re violated and when perpetrators are caught they will pay a hefty price. Sometimes, good people who make a small mistake get caught in this trap. When this happens it is crucial to act swiftly and find the best DUI attorney in Detroit. The longer you wait the fewer options you will be left with and the outcome will likely be less than desirable.  State laws and the prosecutor are against you from the start. Through research, find the best and most aggressive attorney to handle your case. So, if you live in the Detroit area look for a best DUI attorney who specializes in driving offenses.

Click here to familiarize yourself with Michigan DUI laws or watch the video below.

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